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Welcome to the California Department of Social Services Chafee cash card portal to help determine if you are eligible to receive a cash card payment based on the Federal Pandemic Act, Supporting Foster Youth and Families Program (PL 116-260). This act allows us to provide you with one time funding via a cash card through the John H. Chafee Foster Care Program to address critical financial needs due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you are a former or currently involved in the California Child Welfare and/or Probation systems, you may be eligible to receive this one-time supplemental cash award if you are 18 and not 27 years old before September 3, 2021.

To be eligible, all of the following must be true:

  1. You must apply before September 3rd, 2021
  2. You must apply before you turn 27. Please NOTE: this means you can turn 27 before September 3rd, 2021, as long as you apply before

This portal is for those of you who are 21 years old and not over 26 to provide us with your information to determine if you are eligible to receive a cash card.

If eligible, you have the choice to receive the cash card payment via a virtual e-card sent to your email or a physical prepaid card that can be mailed directly to your residence.

If you are 18 and not yet 21, please contact your county to let them know you would like to receive a cash card and for them to validate your eligibility. Once that occurs, and if you are eligible, they will send your information and card delivery preference to CDSS for processing.

If you currently reside out-of-state, you are eligible for the support payment if your foster care jurisdiction (case) originated in the State of California and meets the above eligibility requirements.

If your foster care case originated from another state and you now live in California, you may be eligible to receive this cash card payment as long as you have not already received a cash benefit under this federal program. Out of state foster care jurisdiction will need to be verified by that state before payment processing.

*Note: You must currently reside in the United States to receive this one-time benefit.

This portal page is only for youth who are between the ages of 21-26

Please complete as much information here as you can; without complete information, it may delay the verification process or affect your eligibility. Also, any information entered incorrectly may delay the verification of your application.

Please note your information may not be processed if you utilize this portal and do not meet the age requirement. See the next paragraph for instructions if you are between the ages of 18-21.

Those who are 18-21 must contact their county where they are receiving EFC

Please do not use this portal if you are between the ages of 18-21, as the county in which your foster care case was/is opened will inform and verify your eligibility to receive this one time payment.

Please select this link for a list of county contacts. If you have not received communication from your assigned caseworker or county representative, or are unsure which county you should call please contact for assistance.

Cash Card Selection Options:

  • Physical Prepaid Cards
    • Universal - available for use anywhere the Visa network is accepted
    • Can take up to two weeks to receive payment after the verification is completed and submitted to the organization mailing the cards
  • Virtual E-card (Mastercard)
    • Universal - available for use anywhere the Visa network is accepted
    • Virtual prepaid cards can be received faster
    • Are sent via email


By submitting this application, you are affirming that:

  • I read, or had read to me, the information in this application and my answers to the questions in this application.
  • The answers I have given are true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge.
  • I understand that giving false or misleading statements or misrepresenting, hiding or withholding facts to establish eligibility is a crime that may result in penalties under state or federal law, including imprisonment, fines, and loss of public benefits.